International music festival Laima Rendezvous Jūrmala postponed to 2021

Taking into account the situation with the COVID-19 pandemic in the world and based on the provisions given by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia on public events, the management of Laima Rendezvous Jūrmala decided to postpone the music festival to July 23-25, 2021.

Organizers of the festival Laima Rendezvous Jūrmala emphasize that such strict measures are necessary to take care of the health and safety of the Latvian society and promise to make every effort to ensure that next year’s main musical event in Jurmala exceeds all the expectations of fans.

“Dear friends! I miss our meetings and dream of hugging you sooner without a distance of two meters! The current situation is a huge challenge for us, but we will cope with it together. This time will pass very quickly, and I am already planning the festival program for next year. I will be grateful for your support and loyalty, and I believe that we can make the Laima Rendezvous Jūrmala festival even grander. See you soon at Dzintari in 2021! Let’s enjoy a musical rendezvous together!” – said the Muse of the festival, Latvian singer Laima Vaikule in her message to the fans.

All purchased tickets will be valid for the upcoming festival in 2021. Ticket owners do not need to perform any additional actions.

Regulations for using 2020 tickets when attending the festival in 2021 For the convenience of friends and ticket holders of the Laima Rendezvous Jūrmala festival, we publish a table according to which this year’s tickets can be used next year: The ticket for Friday, 24.07.2020 is valid for attending the concert on Friday, 23.07.2021, the ticket for Saturday, 25.07.2020 is valid for visiting the concert on Saturday, 24.07.2021, the ticket for Sunday, 26.07.2020 is valid for visiting the concert on Sunday, 25.07.2021.

Laima Vaikule received an honorary Golden Gramophone for her contribution to show business

Saturday, November 23, the Moscow Kremlin hosted the Golden Gramophone Russian national music award ceremony, where the Russian Radio shared statuettes for the best songs in 2019.

Special honorary “Golden Gramophone” for her contribution to the development of show business received astonishing Laima Vaikule.

“We have a tradition: each year we present one Golden Gramophone to a very special artist who earned the love and respect of the audience through the years” said the general producer of the Russian Media Group Sergey Baldin, inviting pop diva to the stage.

When receiving the award, Laima has thanked for the honorary prize, emphasizing its importance, and said that she received the “Golden Gramophone” for the first time. 

On the stage of the Kremlin Palace the singer performed her new hit – the extravagant song “Mumu”, based on the novel by Ivan Turgenev. The hosts of the evening were Ivan Urgant and Sergey Svetlakov.

#MYMYChallenge Rules

Take part in splendid challenge dedicated to new Laima’s expressive hit “Mumu”! Become the part-director of the internet-video for “Mumu” song. Win tickets to the splendid “Laima Rendezvous Jurmala 2020” music international festival!

The competition will run from October 4 to December 31.
Use the audio recording of the song here:

Come up with a short author’s footage that embodies your vision of this composition.

Shoot a short video (no longer than 1 minute!) using the soundtrack from “Mumu” song.

Your phonogram section can be from anywhere in the song, but should not be longer than one minute. The concept of the clip and the number of participants are not limited.
Post the video with the hashtag #MYMYchallenge (or #MumuChallenge) on Facebook, Instagram or

The winners (there will be several) get selected by Laima personally.

The prize fund of each month contains:

Souvenirs with Laima Rendezvous symbols and autograph of Laima;

2 tickets to the Laima Rendezvous 2020 international music festival in Jurmala from July 24 to 26;

Also, the best video clips of #MYMYchallenge participants will be combined into one whole video clip for the Internet-video for “Mumu”!

#MYMYChallenge #MuMuChallenge #MooMoochalenge

The last chance to buy tickets to Laima Rendezvous Jurmala 2020 at a lower price – is now!

Only a few days are left to purchase tickets to the international music festival “Laima Rendezvous Jūrmala” at a special initial price. From October 4, ticket prices will begin to rise by 10-50 euros (depending on location), the organizers are warning.

“The festival will be held for the sixth time and will last three days: from July 24 to July 26. The excitement around the tickets is constantly growing: last summer a sold-out for certain days was registered already a few weeks before the festival. We decided to give the opportunity to most loyal fans to buy tickets in advance at a special price”, said the festival’s general producer Elita Milgrave.

Raising ticket prices will take place in several stages: “Closer to the dates of the festival, the ticket price will increase. Now is the most profitable moment is to guarantee your presence at unique concerts where the most popular artists from different countries perform accompanied by an orchestra. There is still time to take advantage of this offer at the official website of – until Friday! 

“Laima Rendezvous Jurmala 2020” began to be prepared already in September. No secret that Vaikule has very high professional requirements for herself and the festival team. “Good things need to be repeated, so we hold the festival again and again. The constantly growing quality of every part: the sound, the picture, the show itself – is the main principle of “Laima Rendezvous Jūrmala”, as well as the expanding geography of star-participants”, the producer says.

In 2019, the festival, created by pop diva Laima Vaikule, gathered more than 50 popular artists from 15 countries on its stage. The broadcast audience of the festival totals more than 100 million viewers.

Buy tickets:

Laima Vaikule received the Certificate of Honor of the President of Latvia for her outstanding contribution to music

On Thursday, July 4, Laima Vaikule along with Elita Milgrave, general producer of the “Laima Rendezvous Jūrmala”, was invited to the residence of the president in Jurmala to receive a special award – the Certificate of honour from current Latvian president Raimond Vejonis for her contribution to Latvian and world music.

“Dear Laima! Thank you for your outstanding contribution to the world and Latvian music. Your fascinating personality, creativity and professionalism inspire! Let the love and recognition of the audience always be with you!” the Certificate of Honor says. 

The president approved this type of recognition in 2016 to express gratitude to outstanding people for achievements in favour of the state or society of Latvia.

In her turn, the singer congratulated the President’s spouse Iveta Vejone on her birthday, handing her souvenirs with Laima Rendezvous festival symbols. During the meeting, a conversation took place in which the president underlined the importance of the festival created by Vaikule in establishing good relations with other countries, and also discussed the need for a new concert hall in Riga and possible options were considered.

Janis Stibelis will perform at the street pianos opening in Jurmala on Thursday evening

Thursday, June 13, at 9:30 PM, the spontaneous acoustic mini-concert will be held on the beach of Dzintari, in honor of the opening of three outdoor pianos for summer season in Jurmala. Janis Stibelis, a member of the upcoming international music festival “Laima Rendezvous Jurmala 2019”, is to perform there, as well as Girts Alsters and “Svētdienas aprīlis” band.

During the summer season, anyone will be able to play those outdoor pianos. Moreover, a big musical challenge in social networks will be launched, giving a possibility to the winner to get 2 tickets to Laima Rendezvous, on festival’s day, devoted to Jurmala City (19th July).

The contest conditions will be announced separately on Thursday, June 13th, at and on official festival’s accounts on Facebook, Instagram and


The program of “Laima Rendezvous Jurmala 2019” finally announced by days

The international music festival “Laima Rendezvous Jurmala”, this summer taking place from July 18th to 21st, has announced the program of artists performing by days. “This year the festival has five years anniversary. Traditionally, we do not share immediately the full list of artists, as well as the order of them performing by days, but for some time keep as a secret, intriguing the public”, says the producer of the festival Elita Milgrave.

The reason is a huge number of popular artists performing every day of the festival, and the fact that the program of each concert does includes genre diversity, and unique star duets and trios. “Today, we announce the program in details, but quite possibly, there are still surprises ahead”, the producer said.

July 18th:
Inese Galante, Mario Biondi, Lolita, Max Barskih, Alekseev, Arthur Pirozhkov, Intars Busulis, Musiqq, Maruv, Sati Kazanova, NK | Nastya Kamenskih, Bianka, Dana Sokolova, Radio Trio, Aya Andreeva, Misha Romanova, Janis Stibelis, Uku Suviste, Freedom Ballet, Laima Vaikule.

July 19th:
Stas Mihailov, Sergey Mazaev, Nino Katamadze, Alyona Sviridova, Intars Busulis, Alexander Panayotov, Anna Maria, Roberto Kel Torres, SunStroke Project, Aleksey Chumakov, Iveta Mukuchyan, Samantha Tina, David Kalandia, Andris Erglis, Janis Stibelis, Freedom Ballet, Laima Vaikule

July 20th:
Monatik, Noa, Lyubov Uspenskaya, Tomas Nevergreen, Anna Aglatova, Nino Katamadze, Erkesh Shakeev, UZARI, Markus Riva, Patrisha, DAGAMBA, FRAMEST, Intars Busulis, Freedom Ballet, Laima Vaikule.

July 21st:
Grigory Leps, Sergey Lazarev, Elena Vaenga, Valery Syutkin, Noa, Emin, Lauris Reiniks, Vremya i Steklo, Intars Busulis, Sirusho, Janis Stibelis, Albina Dzhanabaeva, Valery Meladze, Freedom Ballet, Laima Vaikule.

More than 50 artists from 14 countries take part in the festival in total: these are Latvia, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Denmark, Estonia, Israel, Kazakhstan, Cuba, Italy, Georgia, Moldova, Azerbaijan.

The list of participants of the festival “Laima Rendezvous Jurmala 2019” has finally been announced

On Wednesday, May 29, the press conference of the international music festival “Laima Rendezvous Jurmala 2019” took place. The conference happened as an informal meeting with journalists and artists at Laima’s house in Jurmala. There was announced the list of artists who will take part in the festival this summer, which has been kept secret by the organizers for a long time.

Grigory Leps, Sergey Lazarev, Stas Mihailov, Lolita, Valery Syutkin, Valery Meladze, Albina Dzhanabaeva, Sergey Mazaev, Lyubov Uspenskaya, Alyona Sviridova, NK/Nastya Kamenskykh, Mario Biondi, Roberto Kel Torres, Inese Galante, Intars Busulis and many others well-known artists will join the fifth music festival Laima Rendezvous Jurmala 2019, according to the producer of the festival Elita Milgrave.

“This year more than 40 artists from 13 countries are arriving: these are Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Denmark, Estonia, Israel, Kazakhstan, Cuba, Italy, Georgia, Moldova, Azerbaijan. And these are only those who are already on the list at the moment, but negotiations are still going on, and it is quite possible there will be more surprises ahead”, the producer says.

The festival is being watched around the world, thanks to a large list of international broadcasting partners, such as the First Baltic Channel (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia), Inter (Ukraine), “7th channel” (Kazakhstan), RTVi, Kartina TV (Germany), Zhara TV (Azerbaijan), “Channel 9” (Israel), as well as the portal, where the press conference of the festival was watched online by more than 600 thousand people. While the festival itself has been seen by 25 million people on “Odnoklassniki” last year.

The press conference was also attended by popular Latvian artists who will perform at the festival: Intars Busulis, Janis Stibelis, Markus Riva, Samantha Tina, Dagamba, Radio Trio, and young singer Patrisha.

“Laima Rendezvous Jurmala 2019” will be held from July 18 to 21. The jubilee season will be the most ambitious: in four concert days the brightest stars and brilliant discoveries of previous festivals will perform.

Sergey Lazarev will perform for the first time at the festival “Laima Rendezvous Jurmala 2019”

Sergey Lazarev, one of the most famous pop singers of Russia, twice the bronze medalist of “Eurovision”, will take part in the international music festival “Laima Rendezvous Jurmala”, which will be held this year in “Dzintari” from July 18 to 21. Lazarev will perform on the festival stage on July 21, the closing day, according to festival producer Elita Milgrave.

“I am glad to know the participants of the first five-year anniversary festival are the most beautiful and incredibly talented!”, says the creator of the festival, Laima Vaikule. We will be lucky to hear Lazarev’s song for “Eurovision 2019” in live performance along with Laima’s festival orchestra. “Sergey has already been to Eurovision twice, but to “Laima Rendezvous Jurmala” he is coming for the first time, so this is a new challenge!” Vaikule adds with a smile.

Sergey Lazarev is not only a singer, but also a movie and theatre actor, a TV host, and ex-member of the popular boy band called Smash. He is a winner of the Golden Gramophone Award in Russia; one of the best-selling performers in Russia.

As it was previously reported, Valery Meladze, Nino Katamadze and Lolita will also perform on “Laima Rendezvous Jurmala 2019”. A more detailed list of participating artists this year will be announced by the organizers in the end of May. The festival will be held from July 18 to 21, for the fifth time. The jubilee season will be the most brilliant: in four concert days the brightest discoveries of previous years will perform.

The jazz sensation “Sicilian cat” Mario Biondi will perform at “Laima Rendezvous Jurmala 2019”

At the fifth international music festival “Laima Rendezvous Jurmala 2019”, Mario Biondi, the famous soul-jazz singer from Italy, will appear again, says the official singer’s page on Facebook. Biondi will perform on festival stage on July 18, the first day, “Opening”.

The expressive low and rough voice “with spice”, sensual songs in a duet with the creator of the festival Laima Vaikule, as well as a bright appearance (almost two meters long bearded man) made Biondi one of the last year’s Laima Rendezvous Jurmala headliners.

Mario Biondi is my dream come true”, admits Laima Vaikule. The Italian jazz idol fits very well into the atmosphere of the festival: temperamental, hot and refined.

Biondi is often called the “Sicilian cat”. “Mario always knows what he is doing. At the same time, unlike other cats, he also sings well”, says another Italian Italian pop star, Toto Cutugno, about the artist.

International music festival “Laima Rendezvous Jurmala 2019” created by Laima Vaikule will take place in Dzintari, Latvia, from 18th to 21st July. This year it will be held for the fifth time, and the event is promised to be the greatest since. The participants are pop-music icons and current stars from different countries, well-known opera and rock-music singers, as well as the new talents.

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Apply for “Laima Rendezvous Jurmala” volunteering and become a part of one of the biggest international musical events in Latvia.

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Media accreditation will start in May 2020.

Accreditation form for media representatives to the international music festival “Laima Rendezvous Jurmala 2019” (July 18 - 21)

Accreditation of media representatives will be open until July 1, 2019.

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